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TITRE                           CHORE  (OLD SCHOOL)             VIDEO  
Addicted to love ADDICTED TO LOVE.pdf
All shook up ALL-SHOOK-UP.pdf
All summer long ALL-SUMMER-LONG.pdf
Apple jack country APPLEJACK-COUNTRY.pdf
Askin' questions ASKIN-QUESTIONS.pdf
Baby stroll BABY-STROLL.pdf
Bare essentials BARE-ESSENTIALS.pdf
Beer for my horses BEER-FOR-MY-HORSES.pdf
Birmingham rock BIRMINGHAM-ROCK.pdf  
Bop the be BOP-THE-BE.pdf
Bosa nova BOSA-NOVA.pdf
Bread and butter BREAD-AND-BUTTER.pdf
Cabo san Lucas CABO-SAN-LUCAS.pdf
Cajun celtic CAJUN-CELTIC.pdf
Casanova cowboy CASANOVA-COWBOY.pdf
Caught in the act CAUGHT-IN-THE-ACT.pdf
Celtic CT CELTIC-CT.pdf
Celtic kitten CELTIC-KITTENS.pdf
Celtic slide CELTIC-SLIDE.pdf
Cheek to cheek CHEEK TO CHEEK.pdf
Cheyenne CHEYENNE.pdf
Chill factor CHILL-FACTOR.pdf
Coastin COASTIN.pdf
Come dance with me COME-DANCE-WITH-ME.pdf
Cotton eyed Joe COTTON-EYED-JOE.pdf
Cotton pickin' time COTTON-PICKINTIME-EVERY.pdf
Country Lilly COUNTRY-LILLY.pdf
Country two step COUNTRY-2-STEP.pdf
Country walkin' COUNTRY-WALKIN.pdf
Cowboy charleston COWBOY-CHARLESTON.pdf
Crazy foot mambo CRAZY-FOOT-MAMBO.pdf
Cruisin' CRUISIN.pdf
Cucaracha CUCARACHA.pdf
Dancing violins DANCIN-VIOLINS.pdf
Dawning DAWNING.pdf
Devil in empty pockets DEVIL-IN-EMPTY-POCKETS.pdf
D.H.S.S D.H.S.S..pdf
Dirt road dancing DIRT ROAD DANCING.pdf
Dixieland delight  
Doctor doctor DOCTOR-DOCTOR.pdf
Duchess DUCHESS.pdf
Easy come easy go EASY-COME-EASY-GO.pdf
Electric slide ELECTRIC-SLIDE.pdf
Fais dodo FAIS-DODO.pdf
Fifty two beers ago FIFTY TWO BEERS AGO.pdf
Feet don't fail me now FEET-DONT-FAIL-ME-NOW.pdf
Flobie slide FLOBIE-SLIDE.pdf
Foot boogie FOOT-BOOGIE.pdf
Freight train FREIGHT-TRAIN.pdf
Galway girls GALWAY-GIRLS.pdf
Get Reel GET-REEL.pdf
God blessed Texas GOD-BLESSED-TEXAS.pdf
Goodbye Earl GOODBYE-EARL.pdf
Good time GOOD-TIME.pdf
Go mamma go GO-MAMA-GO.pdf
Grundy gallop GRUNDY-GALLOP.pdf
Hearts & flowers  HEARTS-AND-FLOWERS.pdf
Hey man HEY-MAN.pdf
Hooked on country HOOKED ON COUNTRY.pdf
Honky tonk stomp HONKY-TONK-STOMP.pdf
Honky tonk HONKY-TONK.pdf
I want to sing I-WANT-TO-SING.pdf
Irish stew IRISH-STEW.pdf
I run to you I-RUN-TO-YOU.pdf
Island in the stream ISLAND-IN-THE-STREAM.pdf

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